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Getting and maintaining excellent business credit is the key to getting all forms of business funding at the lowest interest rates and the best terms available. Business credit can be very confusing, and difficult to navigate. To help simplify the process of building great business credit, even for a startup business, we have put together a 50-page free ebook that will give you 16 tools on how to establish, build, monitor and maintain high business credit scores. Read more below, then request your free copy. 

Here is What You Will Learn with Our Free Credit Toolkit

The Benefits of Having Great Business Credit

Having great business credit will benefit your business in many ways. Flip each card to learn more.

Get Longer Payment Terms from Suppliers

Having great business credit means that you can purchase inventory and other items, and get up to 90 days to pay. You can also get larger credit limits, letting you take on larger orders.

Get Better Financing Terms from Banks and Lenders

Higher business credit scores let you get lower interest rates and longer payback periods, meaning lower monthly payments for your business.

No Personal Guarantee

You do not have to personally guarantee any loans, lines of credit or trade credit. If your business can't make its payments, you do not need to pay back the loans.

No Impact to Your Personal Credit Score

Using your EIN instead of your SSN to apply for and take on financing will not impact your personal credit score, including hard inquiries. Your credit rating is protected.

Faster and Easier Loan Approvals

Having great credit means loan approvals are faster and with less paperwork and documentation. You also have more types of financing available.

Access to Capital for Emergency Cash Flow

The worst time to apply for money is when you actually need it. With great business credit, you can have lines of credit ready in case of a shortfall in your cash flow.

Ready to Start Building Great Business Credit?

Start building your credit by implementing the tools you will find in our 50 page ebook: Business Credit Toolkit – How to Get Funding for Your Business with No Personal Guarantees. Simply fill out the form on the right and submit it. We will send your copy directly to your email address.

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Business Credit Toolkit

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